Can coconut oil help with weight loss? Find out my top uses for this amazing oil.

I was throwing away GOLD and I bet you’re doing it too! Find out where you can find your gold and how it can benefit your health in this video.

Find out why I drink this every morning and how it can help you too!
If you have any issues with arthritis, gout, digestion or poor immune system, this natural wonder can help. You probably have it in your kitchen right now!

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Here are a few of my favorite things I picked up at Costco. They have a ton of healthy choices:)

Everything we do matters. When it comes to smelling good AND being healthy, I found this amazing natural deodorant that works with our body! Check it out. You can check out my homemade version I was talking about at BTW if baking soda says it’s pure sodium bicarbonate, then it doesn’t contain aluminum. Most are aluminum free including Arm and Hammer.

How to make a natural deodorant that actually works! The ingredients are easy to find, inexpensive and this natural deodorant is super easy to make. Watch as I put it to the test:) Help keep the stink away naturally:)

Does your workout gear stink? No matter how many times you wash it, it still has that nasty funk? Here are the top 2 must haves to get that stink out and they can be found right in your kitchen!
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Get your cold & flu shot at home! That’s right – do it yourself! Whether you are feeling something coming on, you are at home sick, or you’re on the mend, this cold & flu shot will give your body what it needs to help heal itself, naturally!

With cold & flu season in full swing I thought I’d share my ginger tea recipe with you.  It’s cheap, super easy and works like a charm!  Ginger is a huge immune booster, it helps aid in digestion, can ease nausea and it is at the top of the list when it comes to natural anti-inflammatory properties.  Be sure to share this with everyone you love:)  Bottoms up!